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Consenting Strategic Advisory Group

Science and Evidence Advisory Sub-group

12 October 2021


Jim McKie (Eurona): facilitator
Sharon Davies (Welsh Government – Marine Licensing)
James Moon (Natural Resources Wales)
Kirsten Ramsey (Natural Resources Wales)
Saul Young (Marine Energy Wales)
Tom Hill (Marine Energy Wales)
Jennifer Fox (ORJIP-OE)
Sue Barr (Cambrian Offshore)
Kate Smith (Nova Innovation)
Gemma Veneruso (Bangor University)


Cara Donavan (Simec Atlantis Energy)


Marine renewable energy is an emerging sector with uncertainties around
possible impacts on the marine environment. This is due to the limited number
of operational devices at sea. To support the sector, enabling it to sustainably
grow there is value in sharing knowledge, data and learning from projects
consented in the UK and globally. Cara Donavan, Senior Environment and
Consents Manager at Simec Atlantis Energy, was invited to present to
SEAGP on the consenting of MeyGen, a tidal stream development in Scottish

The presentation gave SEAGP members an opportunity to hear how the
project gained consents, what challenges had to be overcome and what
lessons could be shared to inform new developments. SEAGP also heard
how the project is being carefully monitored, providing valuable evidence on
how the marine environment is interacting with devices. This evidence will
inform the growing evidence base on operational impacts to help de-risk and
accelerate the consenting of marine renewable energy.

Data sharing and knowledge transfer is an ongoing area of consideration for

SEAGP also discussed the good progress being made on the Information
Notes. The notes are being co-produced by members and are intended to
support consenting and facilitate early discussions between developers and
Natural Resources Wales on the assessment of certain impacts.

Date of next meeting

14 December 2021