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Consenting Strategic Advisory Group

Science and Evidence Advisory Sub-group

13 September 2022


Jim McKie (Eurona): facilitator 
Sharon Davies (WG – Marine Licensing and SEAGP Secretariat)
Ceri Morris (Natural Resources Wales)
Kirsten Ramsey (Natural Resources Wales)
Saul Young (Marine Energy Wales)
Stephen Thompson (Marine Energy Wales)
Jennifer Fox (ORJIP)
Aly McCluskie (RSPB)
James Orme (Morlais)


Gordon Hastie
Sea Mammal Research Unit
Natural Resources Wales Technical Specialists


The focus of this SEAGP meeting was on monitoring associated with tidal stream devices, for example monitoring to gather evidence on the behaviour of marine mammals around tidal stream turbines and their ability to detect and avoid devices. Members received a series of presentations from Morlais on the monitoring that will be undertaken at the test and demonstration zone off Anglesey, and from the Sea Mammal Research Unit based at St Andrews on the work it has been engaged with in this area, including the technologies available to monitor interactions between the marine environment and tidal stream turbines.

Following the presentations, the Group discussed the need and purpose of monitoring to ensure a common understand of the questions monitoring should be answering and the difference between post consent monitoring and wider research.

Date of next meeting

13 December 2022