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Consenting Strategic Advisory Group

Science and Evidence Advisory Sub-group

14 June 2022


Alice Teague (WG - Deputy Director Marine & Fisheries): facilitator
Sharon Davies (WG – Marine Licensing and SEAGP Secretariat)
Morgan Johnson (WG – Marine Licensing and SEAGP Secretariat)
Ceri Seaton
Kirsten Ramsey (Natural Resources Wales)
Stephen Thompson (Marine Energy Wales)
Jennifer Fox (ORJIP)
Kate Smith (Nova Innovation)
James Orme (Morlais)


ICF Consulting
Natural Resources Wales specialists


The SEAGP meeting began with a presentation from ICF Consulting, the contractor leading the end-to-end review of marine licensing which was initiated following a series of Recommendations from the Deputy Minister for Climate Change’s deep dive into renewable energy. A key focus for the review will be on the marine renewables sector and how the marine licensing process is applied to novel and complex energy projects. The group participated in a discussion around availability and use of evidence, and challenges with new/innovative projects when applying for a marine license in Wales. The information gathered during, would be fed into the final report which is due to finalise end of Summer 2022.

The second half of the meeting was run as a workshop hosted by Ocean Energy Systems – Environmental on ‘Risk Retirement’. This included a short presentation on the current understanding of risk retirement, data transferability and guidance documents and was followed by a workshop which focused on applying this to underwater noise and changes to benthic and pelagic habitats in Wales.

Date of next meeting

13 September 2022