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The UK has left the EU. Stay informed, stay prepared.

The UK left the EU on 31 January 2020.

Since the EU referendum of 2016 the Welsh Government has been clear in its intention of protecting Wales’ future in whatever circumstances Brexit created. It is now clear that as the UK has left the European Union, although it is not on the terms we would wish, our focus must look to the future.

The Welsh Government recognises that the UK government has a mandate to base the UK’s future relationship on the Political Declaration agreed with the EU in October 2019. However, given the importance of our relationships with the EU we believe in a number of important areas the UK’s future relationship with the EU needs to be closer and deeper than as set out in the Political Declaration.

Welsh Government priorities for a future relationship with the EU

A trade deal with Europe comes first

We must prioritise a deal with the EU over other negotiations given the deep, existing trade and economic links (and joint environmental and social protections).

Flexible transition

We need flexibility and realism on the length of the transition period to give time for broad and deep trade agreement.

No barriers or red tape for Welsh businesses

We must have fullest access to the EU market without tariffs and non-tariff barriers must be minimised.

Wales must have a voice

We need a process which gives genuine influence to the devolved administrations of these islands on the future relationship with the EU. There is a threat to the Union of the United Kingdom if the UK government does not demonstrate that the UK can conduct trade policy while respecting devolution.

Access to EU programmes

Continued participation in important EU programmes, such as Erasmus+ and Horizon Europe, even if some or all of the rest of the UK doesn’t choose to.

A migration system that works for Wales

And the whole of the UK, linking migration more closely to employment and protecting the rights of people who make the UK their home.

Since January 2017 we have published policy papers on finance, trade, migration, regional investment and devolution. The full documents can be found below.

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