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As a result they have very busy diaries. This regrettably means it is difficult for them to attend every event and meet every person who wishes to see them.

However, before inviting a minister to an event, you may wish to consider whether this is the most appropriate person.

For some events or matters dealing with local issues, your constituency Member of the Senedd (MS) may be the best person to attend. Find your MS at the Senedd.

For events relating to non-devolved issues, you should consider inviting your Member of Parliament (MP).

For details of all your elected representatives, visit WriteToThem.

Choosing the right minister

It is important to invite the relevant minister. You can find each minister’s portfolio under their biography pages.

Multiple invitations

As with correspondence, when the same invitation is addressed to several ministers, it is likely that you will receive a single reply. Unfortunately, the chances of a minister accepting will not be increased by sending an invitation to multiple ministers.


Please note that ministers’ diaries are heavily committed and are planned well in advance. Therefore it is unlikely a minister will be able to attend an event at a short notice.


As government and Senedd business takes place on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons, although diaries are planned well in advance, government and Senedd business will take precedence, and a minister’s attendance may be cancelled at short notice. We avoid this wherever possible and will inform you of changes as soon as possible, however it may be advisable to avoid such days.

Issuing an invitation

Invitations should be in writing (either by post or e-mail) and should include as much information as possible.

To request a meeting with the minister you should clearly state the purpose, i.e. what you would like to discuss, including background information.

When inviting a minister to an event please include the following:

  • date and time
  • location (with full postcode)
  • duration
  • purpose (e.g. official opening, conference [including theme])
  • what you would like the minister to do (e.g. give a speech [including its subject]), answer questions, etc.)

Please send a draft agenda if available.

Ministerial correspondence addresses can be found on ministers’ biography pages (please note we do not require hard copies of e-mail invitations).

Or, if you do not wish to e-mail, you can instead send your invitation to:

Minister for …

Welsh Government
5th Floor
Ty Hywel
Pierhead Street
Cardiff Bay
CF99 1NA


You should receive a reply within 17 working days.