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The Seren Academy Delivery Model is aligned with our strategic objectives and outcomes to ensure interventions at all stages are relevant and appropriate to the needs of the learner.

Admissions into the Seren Academy is underpinned by clear eligibility criteria with an application process required for progression into stage two (Year 10) and stage three (Year 12). Accompanying learner progression into these stages, learners are required to register for their place within the Seren Academy via Seren Space, the online portal through which learners can access relevant Seren interventions, opportunities, and announcements.

The design of The Seren Academy Delivery Plan ensures learners are:

  • exposed to ideas, knowledge, skills and experiences that ignite their academic curiosity
  • provided with personalised learning opportunities to ensure discussion of, and engagement in, their own learning and academic development
  • challenged to reflect on their learning and put their learning to the test through internal and external competitions and extended academic projects 

The delivery plan is structured around the school terms. Using a hybrid model combining online learning and in-person activites, learners will experience university style learning throughout each stage, with the level of challenge and intensity of commitment increasing as learners progress through the programme.

The programme provides the information required for each learner to make an informed decision about their next step in education. It provides information, guidance and experiences to support them in achieving their goal.

More details about The Seren Academy can be found on Hwb.