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  1. Can I complete the Inventory online?
    Yes, you can complete your Annual Inventory online by logging into your EIDCymru account on If you require any assistance please contact EIDCymru on 01970 636959. If you are completing your inventory electronically there is no need to return a paper form.
  2. Do I have to complete the annual inventory?
    Yes, keepers are legally required to complete an Annual Inventory under the Sheep and Goats Records, Identification and Movements (Wales) Order 2015.
  3. Why didn’t I receive a paper copy of the inventory?
    It is quicker and easier to complete your inventory online. Keepers who submitted their inventory electronically in previous years or have an active EIDCymru account, will be asked to complete their inventory online. If you are unable to complete the inventory online please contact EIDCymru on 01970 636959.
  4. Can you use the information I supplied in my June survey return?
    The information required in this inventory is more detailed at holding level than the June survey.
  5. On 1 January the sheep/goats were over-wintered (on tack) on another holding. Should I record the animals on my inventory?
    Yes, if you are the owner but the animals are away wintering, on tack, these animals must be recorded on your inventory.
    However, if you have animals on your land but you aren’t the owner (i.e. the animals are “on tack” at your land) it is the owner’s responsibility to record the animals on their annual inventory.
  6. Do I have to list all the holding numbers (CPHs) where I keep sheep and goats?
    Yes, you must list all the CPHs where you keep your sheep and/or goats on 1 January. This includes common land and CPHs which have been issued for sheep movement purposes only.
  7. I use common land, how do I find its CPH number?
    The common land CPH number can be obtained by contacting the helpline on 01970 636959. You will need to have the following information ready before you contact them:
    a. Name of the common
    b. Common land number
    You must remember to include any sheep that you are the owner or registered keeper of, which are grazing common land on 1 January.
    Please note: This is the number of sheep that belong to you that are on or were on the common on the 1 January, not the number of sheep registered to graze the common.
  8. I do not keep sheep or goats. Do I need to complete an inventory?
    Yes, please complete the first section and sign the declaration. If you no longer keep sheep or goats, you must de-register as a sheep keeper by contacting Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) on 0300 3038268.
  9. I have de-registered myself as a keeper but I’ve been asked to complete an inventory. Should I complete it?
    Yes. You have received the inventory because your CPH has been used for sheep/goat movements during the last year.
  10. I have received 2 annual inventories. Do I need to complete both?
    In order to avoid duplication, please record all of the holdings that you have sheep on as of 1 January on one inventory. On the second inventory add a comment that you entered your details on another inventory. Please submit both inventories so that we can update our records.
  11. I keep my sheep/goats as pets. Am I required to complete the inventory?Yes, these regulations apply to all sheep and goat keepers and you are legally required to complete and return the inventory. Failure to do so may result in follow-up enforcement action.
  12. Will I receive an acknowledgement for my inventory?
    Yes, you will receive one of the following:
    a. If you complete the inventory online, you will receive an email acknowledgement automatically.
    b. Providing that you supply us with your email address, we will send an electronic acknowledgement to you.
    c. If you do not supply us with an email address, you will be issued with a postal acknowledgement.
    You should record in your holding register(s) the date you returned the inventory and number(s) of animals recorded on the inventory.
  13. I have animals on more than eleven holdings.
    Either complete your inventory online or contact the helpline for a continuation form, attach it and return it with your inventory.
  14. Where should I return my completed inventory?
    If you are completing a paper inventory please post to EIDCymru, Tŷ Merlin, Parc Merlin, Aberystwyth, SY23 3FF.
  15. I do not keep sheep or goats, but I do keep llamas/alpacas. How does this legislation affect me?
    These regulations only apply to sheep and goats (Ovine and Caprine species). Llamas/alpacas and other livestock are not covered by this legislation.

If you have any further questions on completing the annual inventory, please contact EIDCymru on 01970 636959 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm).

Rydym yn croesawu galwadau’n Gymraeg / We welcome calls in Welsh.