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When and how to use the internal links (node), internal link (terms) and external links fields on GOV.WALES.

First published:
5 December 2019
Last updated:

When to use

Before using, check whether this component is appropriate for the GOV.WALES content type you are considering use it on.

Use sidebar related links to:

  • link to content on GOV.WALES or outside of GOV.WALES closely related to the user needs met by your content

How to use

Incorporating sidebar related links

When incorporating sidebar related links in content, you should:

  • not deliberately repeat all the related links within sentences (inline links)
  • only usually include up to around 5 links
  • only link to content closely related to the user needs met by your content
  • only link to other sites where appropriate

Writing sidebar related link text

When writing sidebar link text, it should:

  • for links that navigate to information, be the name of the information
  • for links that navigate to pages where a user can start a task, start with a verb
  • for links that navigate to other sites, make it clear users are leaving GOV.WALES by adding ‘on [company name]’ in non-linked text below the link

On the page presenting links GOV.WALES Drupal users can only edit displayed text for external links. Follow the content type guidance to set the related links fields ‘INTERNAL LINKS (NODE)’ and ‘INTERNAL LINKS (TERMS)'.


Sidebar related links including links to GOV.WALES and other sites

Layout of sidebar