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CodeTitlePayment Rate
Main Capital Works
E610Trees – Standards£11.25 each
E611Trees and Shrubs (Transplants)£0.80 each
E612Trees & Shrubs (Whips)£2.70 each
E646Sabre Planting£12.00 each
E900New Hedge Planting£4.50/m
E901Hedge Coppicing and Gapping-Up£4.50/m
E902Hedge Laying£5.53/m
E929Fruit Trees Plus Guard and Stake£59.83 each
Supportive Capital Works
E514Ladder Stile£107.00 each
E516Timber Bridle Gate and Posts£151.44 each
E517Timber Kissing Gate and Posts£181.00 each
E519Wooden Stiles£60.00 each
E533Badger Gate£67.00 each
E563Piped Water Supply£0.52/m
E573Water Gate£100.00 each
E574Water Troughs£118.00 each
E593Post and Rail Fencing£10.40/m
E594Post and Wire Fencing£2.77/m
E931Post and Wire Fencing with Stock Netting£5.56/m
E596Rabbit Fencing£5.40/m
E599Timber Field Gates (Hardwood)£236.00 each
E600Timber Field Gates (Softwood)£150.00 each
E604Parkland Tree Stock Guards£40.00 each
E608Tree Shelter (60cm with stake)£1.24 each
E647Spiral Rabbit Guards£0.33 each
E905Bramble/Scrub Control (Hand Knapsack Sprayer)£0.0185/m2
E919Bracken Control (Hand Knapsack Sprayer)£0.028/m2
E920Bracken Control (Mechanical Clearance)£0.0048/m2
E921Bracken Control (Tractor Mounted Sprayer)£0.01 m2