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Main capital works
Code  Title Payment rate
E900 Plant New Hedges for Pollinators 4.50/m
Supportive Capital Works
Code Title Payment rate
E516 Timber Bridle Gate and Posts £151.44 each
E517 Timber Kissing Gate and Posts £181.00 each
E519 Wooden Stiles £60.00 each
E533 Badger Gate £67.00 each
E563 Piped Water Supply £0.52/m
E574 Water Troughs £118.00 each
E931 Post and Wire Fencing with Stock Netting £5.56/m
E599 Timber Field Gates (Hardwood) £236.00 each
E600 Timber Field Gates (Softwood) £150.00 each
E608 Tree Shelter (60cm with stake) £1.24 each
E610 Trees Standards (no fencing) £11.25 each
E647 Spiral Rabbit Guards £0.33 each