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Payment Rate

Main Capital Works

E610Trees – Standards£14.09 each
E611Trees and Shrubs (Transplants)£1.38 each
E612Trees & Shrubs (Whips)£3.37 each
E646Sabre Planting£15.00 each
E901Hedge Coppicing and Gapping-Up£6.16 /m
E902Hedge Laying£9.73/m
E914Pond restoration£7.87/ m2
E922Plant New Hedges for Pollinators£6.16/m
E923Dry Stone Wall Restoration£28.70/ m2
E924Earth Bank Restoration£7.75/ m2 
E925Stone Faced Bank Restoration£20.30/ m2
E926Slate Fence Restoration£37.63/m
E929Fruit Trees Plus Guard and Stake£94.98 each

Supportive Capital Works

E514Ladder Stile£138 each
E516Timber Bridle Gate and Posts£166.00 each
E517Timber Kissing Gate and Posts£192.00 each
E519Wooden Stiles£74.26 each
E533Badger Gate£41.14 each
E563Piped Water Supply£0.90/m
E573Water Gate£144.00 each
E574Water Troughs£192 each
E593Post and Rail Fencing£11.29/m
E594Post and Wire Fencing£4.23/m
E595Post and Wire Fencing with Stock Netting£6.09/m
E596Rabbit Fencing£5.40m
E599Timber Field Gates (Hardwood)£524 each
E600Timber Field Gates (Softwood)£218 each
E604Parkland Tree Stock Guards£70.23 each
E608Tree Shelter (60cm with stake)£1.44 each
E647Spiral Rabbit Guards£0.45 each
E905Bramble/Scrub Control (Hand Knapsack Sprayer)£0.0273/ m2
E920Bracken Control (Mechanical Clearance)£0.05 /m2
E928Top Wiring on Walls£1.64/m