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Main Capital Works
CodeTitlePayment rate
611Trees and Shrubs (Transplants)£0.80 each
900New Hedge Planting£4.50/m
901Hedge Coppicing and Gapping-Up£4.50/m
902Hedge Laying£5.53/m
907Cross Drains£82.20 each
908Kerbing£39.78/ m
909Sleeping Policemen£36.36/m
910Rainwater Goods – Guttering£9.02/m
911Rainwater Goods – Downpipe£15.04/m
912In-ditch Wetland£204.90 each
913Soft Engineering of River Banks£81.30/m
914Pond restoration£3.07/m2
930Maintenance of Gateways (Hardcore)£5.98/m2


Supportive Capital Works
CodeTitlePayment Rate
514Ladder Stile£107.00 each
516Timber Bridle Gate and Posts£151.44 each
517Timber Kissing Gate and Posts£181.00 each
519Wooden Stiles£60.00 each
533Badger Gate£67.00 each
563Piped Water Supply£0.52/m
573Water Gate£100.00 each
574Water Troughs£118.00 each
593Post and Rail Fencing£10.40/m
594Post and Wire Fencing£2.77/m
595Post and Wire Fencing with Stock Netting£3.48/m
596Rabbit Fencing£5.40/m
599Timber Field Gates (Hardwood)£236.00 each
600Timber Field Gates (Softwood)£150.00 each
608Tree Shelter (60cm with stake)£1.24 each
647Spiral Rabbit Guards£0.33 each
905Bramble/Scrub Control (Hand Knapsack Sprayer)£0.0185/m2
907Cross Drains£82.20 each
911Rainwater Goods – Downpipe£15.04 /m
919Bracken Control (Hand Knapsack Sprayer)£0.028/m2
920Bracken Control (Mechanical Clearance)£0.0048/m2
921Bracken Control (Tractor Mounted Sprayer)£0.01/m2