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Provides financial support for small areas of tree planting.

First published:
24 May 2023
Last updated:


This scheme provides financial support for small areas of tree planting on land between 0.1 hectare and 2 hectares.

Planting can be:

  • shelterwoods
  • alongside watercourses,
  • in field corners/small fields
  • stock shelter
  • biodiversity
  • wood-fuel

Dates for the next windows for applications are available at Rural schemes: application dates.

Who can apply

Farmers and other landowners can apply for the scheme. Trees must be planted on land which is:

  • agriculturally improved, or 
  • of low environmental value 

The Small Grants – Woodland Creation map shows which land is eligible for this scheme. 

What the scheme offers

The scheme provides funding for the planting of trees and the installation of fencing and gates.

It also offers 12 years of maintenance and premium payments (compensation for loss of agricultural income).

Planting trees under the scheme will not affect Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) payments or land eligibility.

As part of the scheme, a UKFS compliant woodland creation plan will be created by RPW’s online system.

Payment rates

Successful applicants will be paid for each hectare of trees they plant. Payment amounts depend on the type of planting and the numbers of trees planted in each hectare of land: 

Payment rates
CategoryTrees per hectarepayment per hectare
Wet Woodland and streamside1,100£3,302
Native biodiversity1,100£3,302
Wet woodland and streamside  1,600£4,550
Native biodiversity1,600£4,550
Wood fuel (productive)2,500£5,146
Shelterwood (productive)2,500£5,146
Red squirrel1,600£4,550
Red squirrel2,500£5,146
Native shelterwood2,500£6,170

The scheme also pays for fencing and gates to be installed around tree planting areas. The payment rates are:

  • fencing – £8.32 per metre
  • deer fencing (from window 3) - £11.93 per metre
  • timber bridle gate and posts - £220.83 each
  • timber kissing gate and posts - £237.80 each 

The scheme provides annual maintenance payments per hectare to look after the trees over a 12 year period as below.

Maintenance payments per hectare

To compensate for the loss of agricultural income on the land that trees are planted on, the scheme also provides annual premium payments of £350 per hectare.

How to apply

There will be a number of application windows throughout the year. Applications are made on Rural Payments Wales (RPW) Online.

More Information on:

  • how to apply
  • technical guidance
  • scheme rules
  • terms and conditions
  • how to complete guides

are available at Small Grants - Woodland Creation.

Get help to apply and further information

For further advice on policies and grants phone the Farm Liaison Service

Technical advice is available from Farming Connect and from the NRW woodland Creation Hub.