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Nominated for Environment champion award

The Angel Shark Project Wales Team have undertaken ground-breaking research to better understand the Critically Endangered Angel shark population off the Welsh coast. Launched in 2018, the focus of the project is to better understand and safeguard the rare shark population for future generations.

The Angelshark has significant scientific and cultural significance to Wales and is listed as the fifth most Evolutionary Distinct and Globally Endangered (EDGE) shark in the world, representing a distinct branch of the tree of life.

The enthusiasm of the team for gathering information about this rare shark population has resulted in conservation, environmental and cultural findings that are of national and international importance.

The project team have worked alongside a range of organisation and communities, including fishers, Citizens Scientists and young people in their efforts to safeguard the Angel shark. The impact of their efforts is that evidence has been found of Angel sharks giving birth off the coast of Wales.

The projects findings have also been shared through a variety of educational outputs including ‘Angels of Wales’ eBook for 7 -11 year olds and ‘Meet the Scientist’ sessions. The project has been funded by Welsh Government’s Nature Networks Fund, National Lottery Heritage Fund, and On the Edge Conservation.