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Nominated for Community spirit award

Angela founded Splott Community Volunteers in 2015, alongside her husband Fred and friend Trisha Mardona, a community Breakfast Club based in a deprived area of Cardiff.

Angela started the charity from a table in a local community centre and has transformed it into a charity that helps hundreds each month with its own staff and premises. It not only supports service users with food but has helped volunteers find permanent work.

Breakfast Club provides an opportunity to build social networks and enables people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, who may not otherwise meet, to come together and form solid connections and friendships, thus strengthening the community in which they live and bringing about ongoing positive impact.

Many families who are on low-income have come to rely on the hub for a hot meal or the opportunity to take home a free food bag of surplus food provided by Fareshare and local supermarkets. The Breakfast Club also provides toiletries and support from a variety of partner agencies.

Angela works every day at The Breakfast Club offering a warm, hospitable and engaging welcome, providing families with a place where children and parents/carers can have a hot, nutritious meal with their neighbours.