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Nominated for International award

Angela is Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Life for African Mothers. In 2005 Angela watched the BBC Panorama documentary ‘Dead Mums Don’t Cry’ featuring one woman’s fight to stop women dying in childbirth in Chad. Utterly inspired by Dr Grace Kodindo, Angela set up Life for African Mothers in 2006 (formally called Hope for Grace Kodindo).

Angela is a retired neo-natal nurse who, instead of enjoying a relaxing retirement, is sourcing essential medication, providing education and sending midwives to some of the poorest countries in Africa. Through her efforts tens of thousands of lives have been saved. Angela goes out to Africa to provide help directly to mothers and babies in the some of the poorest communities in Africa, for example in Sierra Leone and Liberia. Often using her own money to fund the charity, she is tireless in her efforts to ensure safe pregnancies and births for women unable to access essential care and medication.

Here in Wales, Angela raises awareness, through events and speaking to school groups throughout Wales and further afield. She is a formidable advocate of human rights and staunch defender of those disadvantaged by crushing poverty.

A lover of rugby and all things Welsh, an inspiration to women and organisations, she travels all over the UK and Africa on a selfless mission to raise support and awareness of maternal health in Sub-Saharan Africa.