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Nominated for Humanitarian award

Angharad Paget-Jones, a disability rights campaigner from Port Talbot, has used her own experience of living with severe sight loss to raise awareness of the issues facing those with sight impairment.

She has campaigned for improvements on many issues including a campaign about banning A-Boards in Wales as they take up valuable pavement space and cause an obstruction for many people including older people, parents with pushchairs as well as people with limited sight.

She led 100 Guide Dogs and their users to Westminster to lobby against access refusals, an issue she herself has faced.

She is also working with Wales’ 4 police forces to raise awareness of disability hate crime following abuse she faced first Covid-19 lockdown. She wrote to MPs and Members of the Welsh Parliament to highlight these issues, which has led to Members of Parliament asking questions in the House of Commons to highlight this issue.

She strives to see the positives in each experience and turns a negative experience into a positive one.