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Nominated for Young Person award

Brittany Davies, from Swansea, is studying for her A-levels. She became looked-after at the age of 16 and despite the many significant and harrowing challenges she has experienced during this life-changing intervention, has helped and has become a role model for others in similar situations.

Through her independent reviewing officer, she got to know about a group of looked-after young people, who meet weekly to discuss and share issues that affect them. She volunteered 200+ hours of her time to meet with and be a part of the group, working tirelessly to ensure that the members of the group are supported to overcome disadvantage and mentoring younger members.

Brittany has attended, hosted and has spoken at several high profile events to help those who are disadvantaged, to ensure that the looked-after children community is represented and that their voices are heard. She will often join the younger members of her group to support them to speak out at such events.

She is determined to carve out a positive future for herself and to follow the path to her chosen career of social work, so that she can use her own experiences to be the positive difference in the lives of others.