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Bravery award 2024 winner

Callum Smith is an Explorer Scout from the Rhondda who saved a young man who was about to take his own life. Callum was walking over a footbridge that crossed a busy bypass road when he saw the young man standing on the edge of the bridge, holding on to a barrier. Seeing that he was in distress, Callum showed admirable presence of mind and stayed calm in the situation he’d found himself in. Approaching the young man, he started to talk to him as he stood on the other side of the barrier.

Once he built up a rapport and trust with the distressed young man and was close enough to him, Callum grabbed hold of him, wrapping his arms around his waist. He kept firm hold of him until the police arrived and took over the situation.

Callum had no previous training in dealing with a situation of this kind. He showed outstanding bravery in this most difficult and commendable action, which resulting in him saving a life.