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Nominated for International award

Professor Carl G. Jones, MBE is a Welsh conservation biologist who has been employed by Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust since 1985, and a founding member (1984) of the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. He is the scientific director of Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, chief scientist at Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and an honorary professor in ecology and conservation biology at the University of East Anglia.

Professor Jones is best known for his work in recovering the Mauritius kestrel from just 4 individuals in 1974, to an estimated 400. Working in the Mascarene Islands since 1979, he has led 5 successful bird restoration projects where the starting population has numbered less than 12 individuals. He is also responsible for saving from extinction 3 species of reptiles, a fruit bat and several plants. As a consequence Mauritius has averted more extinctions than any other country.

Professor Jones has pioneered the use of ecological or taxon replacements to fill the ecological roles of extinct animals and successfully restored levels of endemic vegetation to previously denuded islets. For his unyielding efforts and momentous conservation achievements he has this year won the Nobel Prize for Conservation (Indianapolis Prize Winner).

He has dedicated his life and career to restoring endangered animal populations and habitats and is regarded as one of the most accomplished conservationists on Earth.