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Nominated for Business award

The Critical Equipment Requirement Engineering Team (CERET) was established in March 2020 to respond to urgent need on medical devices including PPE due to covid pandemic.

The NHS Wales’ procurement body (NWSSP) engaged with WG and Welsh industry for help with new sources of supply from their supply chain or to establish new robust local supply chains.

CERET responded to the urgent requirements of health and care, including visors, face masks, scrubs, gowns, sanitiser, seeking to match demand and supply. Companies such as Royal Mint, Penderyn, Rototherm amongst many as well as nearly 200 volunteers in the community making 5000 scrubs and aprons.

CERET also championed Welsh innovation and a number of medical devices have been developed and were being trialled including a respiratory device, an Oximeter and an oxygen mask.

(CERET team - WG Health, Economy, Innovation, Procurement, NWSSP, SMTL, LifeScienceHub and Industry Wales).