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Nominated for Bravery award

Ceri and Aaron Saunders are from Three Crosses, Swansea. They gave no thought to their own safety when they saw someone in trouble in the sea on the Gower Peninsula.

The pair were spending the weekend on a camping trip in the area. Whilst out for a walk, the mother and son spotted a 10-year-old boy being swept out to sea at the Blue Pool, near Broughton Bay.

A first rescue was attempted by 14-year-old Aaron, but the current was too strong for him. Ceri then dived in to help. Ceri had previously completed some lifeguard training and used her knowledge to save the boy.

Ceri kept the boy calm, afloat and safe until rescue services arrived. They were eventually rescued by Burry Port RNLI. Airlifted to Morriston Hospital by the coastguards, Ceri was treated for hypothermia.

The RNLI confirmed that the situation was very dangerous and the boy was lucky that Ceri and Aaron took action and helped save his life.

Blue Pool near Broughton Bay is well known for its dangerous currents. Following this incident, Ceri and the mother of the rescued child have been active in campaigning for signs to be placed in the area. The signs will warn people of the dangers of going into the water.