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Nominated for Culture award

Cheryl Beer is an Environmental Sound Artist and Composer, working with fragile ecologies. Cheryl was a musician within the Arts sector for over 35 years, however 7 years ago she experienced sudden hearing loss. From this experience, she began repurposing the technology that audiologists use during hearing tests, i.e. Spectral frequency & digital sound, to measure the notated pitch of environmental biorhythms, enabling her to visually compose music led by the natural world. During a year’s residency in the rainforests of Wales, she composed CÂN Y COED Rainforest Symphony with the biorhythms of trees, ferns and moss. This has led to Cheryl gaining local and national recognition, as well as touring internationally and being invited by the UK government to represent Britain in the Great Garden of Diversity, Qatar, as well as joining the Wales Cultural Squad at the World Cup with Wales Arts International. The piece has been held up by the First Minister as an exemplar of what Wales can achieve.

Cheryl's work raises awareness of environmental issues and climate change, whilst also deconstructing stereotypes about disability and disabled/deaf artists.