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Innovation, Science and Technology award 2024 winner

Concrete Canvas® (CC) manufactures a new class of materials, which are flexible, concrete filled geotextiles that harden on hydration. Essentially, it’s Concrete on a Roll®. All products are manufactured in Pontyclun and exported to 100+ countries.

Over the last 8years, they have been developing a new product that in essence replicates and improves upon their existing “Concrete on a Roll®” technology. CCX® is primarily used for lining bulk water infrastructure to prevent erosion, for example to remediate canals, waterways and hydroelectric channels. 

Concrete Canvas is committed to driving the change to more sustainable manufacturing with a focus on reducing lifecycle CO2 emissions, waste, and pollution. 

CCX® uses a lower carbon technology, is more cost effective, reduces environmental impact, is rapid to install, reduces seepage, has a low logistical footprint and contributes to water conservation, allowing for access to safe clean drinking water. It has a 50 year durability. 

The product has been rolled out internationally and has been awarded the 2023 British Chambers Business Award in the Problem Solver category, along winning the Manufacturing category of the inaugural Made in the UK, Sold to the World Awards 2023 – run by the UK government Department for Business & Trade.