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Nominated for Environment champion award

CARE are a Community Benefit Society making a positive impact for the local community in North East Pembrokeshire. After 13 years of campaigning CARE have successfully erected a community 700KW wind turbine to generate clean energy near the village of Hermon.

The experience and income from this initiative has enabled them to develop a number of other community projects which tackle climate change and help grow and strengthen the local community. These include providing community meals and cooking classes, utilising local produce, composting and growing workshops, sampling pollution in local rivers, planting trees and hedgerows, opening footpaths and providing an energy advice service.

Through a series of successful funding applications CARE has transformed a run-down garage in the middle of the village of Hermon into a leading example of sustainable community build. The resulting ‘Y Stiwdio Hermon’ consists of locally grown materials and was constructed by volunteers with experts teaching them the necessary skills to undertake the renovation in a sustainable way.

CARE have also recently launched their first ‘Super Solar’ event where 13 people were taught how to connect and use a small sized solar panel system to make sustainable choices and give them the skills to make it achievable.