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Nominated for Culture award

Dafydd Iwan is a renowned folk singer from Brynamman, Carmarthenshire who has risen to fame writing and performing folk music in the Welsh language. He was also instrumental in the establishment of Recordiau Sain Cyf (Sain Records Ltd), one of the main Welsh music labels and has released many albums over the decades.

In 1983, the Welsh folk singer, released one of his most notable works – “Yma o Hyd.” The song, which translates to 'Still Here' in Welsh was released to “raise the spirits,” and to remind people to speak Welsh against all odds. Since then, the song has become an unofficial Welsh anthem as well as an unofficial anthem for the Wales national football team.

Dafydd has brought the whole nation together through his songs and passion for Wales. His renditions of ‘Yma O Hyd’ at Cardiff City Stadium for Wales’ World Cup qualifying campaign helped to galvanise the crowd and team, catapulting them into qualification for the finals in Qatar.

The Welsh captain, Gareth Bale also led the Welsh team singing along with Dafydd Iwan after the final match. The performance and Wales's qualification led to the song returning to number one in the UK iTunes chart for a second time.

The performance has been hailed by many as a moment of national significance.