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Nominated for Bravery award

Darran Kiley is a 49-year old road sweeper from Swansea. He put himself in a life-threatening situation to support police officers.

Darran was working on the Kingsway in Swansea in October 2017 when a man approached him and a co-worker waving a knife around. The man then went on to scare a pensioner in her 70s by pulling the knife out of his bag. Darran quickly informed police, and then followed the man as he ran away.

As Darran approached Orchard Street, he saw that a police officer was shouting at the man to get on the floor, but he continued to flee. He then chased the man and assisted the police to detain him.

Darran gave no thought to his own safety when he assisted the police apprehend the armed man. He was praised by a judge at the trial and commended for his brave actions but as far as Darran was concerned, he was just doing his job.