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Bravery award 2015 winner

Derek Pusey, Leonard Walters and Clive Williams of Cardigan RNLI have been nominated for their roles in a dramatic night-time rescue near Tresaith in Ceredigion in September 2013.

Helmsmen Pusey and Walters and Volunteer Crewman Williams risked their lives to save 2 men stranded on a ledge amongst steep rocks on the West Wales coast. The men were cut off by the tide and in danger of being swept out to sea from the base of a cliff on the beach at Tresaith. Cardigan RNLI launched 2 lifeboats to go to the aid of the men. Helmsman Leonard Walters steered the larger of the vessels as close to the cliffs as possible during rough seas and gusting winds. But unable to get close enough, Clive Williams volunteered to swim through the choppy waters in order to reach the pair. He reached the rocky shoreline where he was knocked of his feet several times by powerful waves before he managed to reach the stranded people.

Mr Williams handed them life jackets as they waited for the smaller of the 2 lifeboats, steered by Derek Pusey, to reach them. It took 4 attempts, including one which threw the lifeboat towards the rocks, but Mr Pusey managed to get the boat close enough to reach the pair. The men were transferred to the larger boat and both crews returned to shore. The 3 men involved in this rescue have since been commended by the RNLI for their courage that evening.