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Enterprise award 2016 winner

Dr Dominic Griffiths established Alesi-Surgical (formerly Asalus) in 2009 to commercialise inventions arising from the Welsh Institute for Minimal Access Therapy in Cardiff. Asalus is now a leading medical device manufacturer.

The prize-winning invention, Ultravision is a new system that clears surgical smoke from the visual field and prevents its release into the operating theatre during laparoscopic surgery. Surgical smoke is a significant issue during laparoscopic surgery as it impairs the visual field and can affect surgical procedures.

Ultravision revolutionises the way in which surgical smoke is handled and transforms the operating theatre environment during laparoscopic surgery. Benefits include; minimising the risk of tissue drying out caused by exchange of carbon dioxide during procedure, it’s cost effective and it continuously clears smoke from the view of surgeons.

The invention is now set for exports to hospitals around the EU. It has since been was awarded a nationwide prize at the Praxis Unico Impact Awards, as well as both the New Venture and the first ‘People’s Choice’ Award at this year’s Cardiff University Innovation and Impact Awards.