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Nominated for International award

Dr Laith Al-Rubaiy is a gastroenterolgist from Cardiff. After graduating from the Basra School of Medicine in Iraq, he came to the UK in 2005.

Having only visited his homeland on a number of occasions during his time in Wales, he decieded to volunteer with the AMAR Foundation to provide medical treatments to some of Iraq’s poorest citizens. The father of 2 flew to Iraq to set up a mobile clinic in the Al Rumaila suburb of Basra, the city where he trained to become a doctor.

During his time in Iraq, he saw the living and medical conditions of displaced families who had been forced to move in the aftermath of the Iraq war.

As well as helping to set up the mobile clinic, Dr Al-Rubaiy, also a clinical lecturer at Swansea University’s School of Medicine, also gave lectures to an Iraqi medical society on how to update the country’s medical curriculum. He also helped to build on national projects in Iraq including bowel cancer screenings, blood borne viral hepatitis screening and setting up Skype consultations with doctors from Cardiff’s University Hospital.