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Nominated for Innovation, science and technology award

A small team of dedicated researchers at Cardiff University co-produced internationally recognized research on decision-making in emergency situations with the National Fire Chiefs Council. The team includes Dr Sabrina Cohen-Hatton from Newport who has become one of the most senior female firefighters in the UK. She worked alongside Professor Rob Honey and Dr Byron Wilkinson (an emergency planner for Wales), and PhD student Phil Butler, a retired firefighter.

This team used their analytical skills to identify a problem, come up with and test a solution, implement their new proposed decision methodology, and transform policy, guidance and training across the UK Emergency Services.

Every Fire and Rescue Service in the UK has now adopted the Cardiff team’s research in supporting more effective decision-making in emergency situations. The decision control process has also generated international interest across the emergency services and has been adopted by broader emergency groups in the UK through its impact on the guidance given to multi-service groups - changing how NHS, Ambulance Service and Police react jointly to emergency incidents across the UK.

This shows how driving innovation from idea to real-world implementation isn’t just about technology but about changing the way we think, saving lives and improving the safety of both the public and emergency workers.