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Nominated for Culture award

Until his retirement in August 2018, Elfed Roberts was the chief executive of the National Eisteddfod. He had held the post for 25 years. The  National Eisteddfod is an annual travelling cultural festival. It celebrates the arts through the medium of Welsh.

Under Elfed’s leadership, the Eisteddfod has developed significantly over recent years. It offers new and exciting opportunities for visitors to the festival. The Eisteddfod week offers a range of events and cultural activities relevant to Wales today. 

Elfed has embraced change to build on the Eisteddfod’s achievements year on year. He has faced the challenges of organising the festival in a tumultuous financial climate. Through it all, Elfed has ensured that the Welsh language and Welsh heritage are central to all he does.

Elfed’s final Eisteddfod as Chief Executive was hugely successful. The event was held in Cardiff Bay and offered free entry to an urban Maes that attracted many new visitors. Over the past 25 years Elfed has ensured that the Eisteddfod remains an open and welcoming festival, relevant to modern life in Wales. It continues to attract thousands of Welsh speakers, non-Welsh speakers and learners annually.