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Nominated for Young Person award

Ethan Hutchings is a 12 year old boy who rescued a drowning man from a river in Cwmafan, Neath Port Talbot. Ethan, who has been receiving treatment for thyroid cancer, was meeting up for the first time since lock down eased last summer with his step mum and little sister. They met for a paddle at a local spot where people swim in the river at the Gorad, Cwmafan when Ethan noticed that a man was in trouble in the water. The 50 year old man became unresponsive after diving into the cold water and was drowning. Whilst other people stood around, quick thinking Ethan jumped into the water and swum under the man, bringing him to the safety of the river bank. Whilst waiting for the emergency services to arrive, Ethan was joined by others by the side of the river to give the man CPR – something he had learned at school. With no thought to his own safety, Ethan’s brave and swift actions that day saved the man’s life.