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Nominated for Bravery award

Gary Griffiths and Jon Stone were drivers of separate vehicles who witnessed a car accident and rescued a male driver from his burning car. Their combined actions helped to save the life of the male occupant of the car who was seriously injured.

At 22:37 on 27 June 2022 fire crews attended an incident on the A4232 which involved a 2-car head on collision. The first fire and rescue vehicle to arrive at the scene of the accident found the car fully enveloped in fire.

Prior to the attendance of the fire service Gary Griffiths and Jon Stone performed a rescue of the male occupant from the burning car. Utilising a fire extinguisher, they ran to the car and found the doors would not open. They used the extinguisher to smash the windows and release the driver’s door and pulled the male driver from the car to a place of relative safety.

The casualty removed from the burning vehicle received serious injuries. If Gary Griffiths and Jon Stone had not acted in the swift and proactive way that they did, the driver of the vehicle would have been fatally injured in the fire.