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Nominated for Citizenship award

Glenys Evans from Barry is one of the founding parents of Bobath Children’s Therapy Centre Wales. The charity provides specialist therapy to children diagnosed with cerebral palsy. It also provides support to their families.

One of Glenys' 3 children, Thomas has cerebral palsy. Glenys was frustrated by having to travel to London to access specialist therapy. So, together with a few other parents, she helped set up and open Bobath Children’s Therapy Centre Wales in 1992. Glenys has been constantly involved with the centre since then.

In its first year, the centre treated 45 children and since then, the number has grown to 489 in 2017/18.

Glenys has been involved with Bobath Wales for 28 years as a trustee and volunteer. For the last 20 years she has acted as the Family Support Coordinator. In that role she provides practical and emotional support to parents coming to terms with their child’s disability.

To mark Bobath Wales’ 20th anniversary, Glenys undertook a 100km Sahara Trek and raised £20,000 for the charity. In 2017 Bobath Wales celebrated its 25th birthday.

Glenys has also contributed hours of her time to consultations and working groups. She has provided written evidence for major reports to try to improve the provision of services for children and families.

Glenys is currently part of a working group, aiming to bring the first Cerebral Palsy Register to Wales. The register will help give a true picture of the incidence of cerebral palsy in Wales and will help with planning services in the future.