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Nominated for Innovation, Science & Technology award

GoSafe Cymru is a partnership between the four police forces, the 22 local authorities and the Welsh Government and their aim is to make Welsh roads safer for everyone by influencing the attitudes and behaviours of all road users.

With dashcams becoming more popular and an increase in cyclists and horse riders wearing helmet cameras, there has been a large increase in video evidence being sent to Wales’ police forces.

However, there was no streamlined approach or system to collate and gather the footage and evidence. Operation SNAP was created and implemented to enable a streamlined process for the public to submit footage and to enable the Police to deal with video evidence in a much more efficient and organised way.

The system is live on the GoSafe website and enables the public to upload their video evidence and complete a statement about the offence they have witnessed. The form along with the video evidence is then automatically sent to the Police where officers review the footage and decide if any offences detected can be prosecuted.

Since SNAP came into force, the system now gets over 200 submissions every month from all around Wales with offences ranging from driving through red lights, dangerous manoeuvres, dangerous driving and close passes.

Through the submissions received through Operation SNAP, the Police can deal with offences they wouldn’t otherwise be aware of and the offenders can be dealt with before they risk their safety and the safety of others again.

Several other Police forces have now adopted Operation SNAP and GoSafe has offered these forces advice on how to implement this innovative process.