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Nominated for International award

Gôl! is a charitable organisation run by fans of the Welsh national football team. It aims to help under-privileged children wherever the national side plays. Since its creation, Gôl! has visited children’s homes and hospitals in more than 40 countries and has run coaching sessions from New York to Africa.

When the Welsh side are on home turf, Gôl! arranges for children here to attend games too. The supporters have also brought underprivileged children from countries Wales play to Wales, organising cultural tours and trips to the seaside. Through this work they have helped raise the international profile of Welsh football supporters.

Gôl! was founded in Azerbaijan in 2002 by fans who ‘wanted to make a difference’ and to thank the countries where Wales was playing for the welcome they received. In this way it also helped dispel some of the myths surrounding the behaviour of football fans. In 2017 Gôl! made the 4th of its charity drives, this time to Georgia, donating gifts to children’s homes along the way. In total Gôl! has donated 12 cars to good causes at the end of these drives.

Gôl! helps present a positive image of Wales to the international community. It has made an outstanding contribution internationally and the work of the supporters does much to improve the lives of children in communities at home and outside of Wales.