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Nominated for Young Person award

17-year old Hannah is an anti-bullying campaigner from Cardiff. She is using her own experience of being bullied to help others

At the age of 7, Hannah moved from London to Cardiff. Following the move, Hannah was bullied for years at school and online. It led her to hate herself, self-harm and binge eat. At age 13, she took the first step by confiding in her mum about the bullying. She received counselling and after her complaints and pleas for help were ignored by teachers, she decided to move schools.

After finding a suitable school, Hannah has flourished. Her courage and strength pulled her out of dark times, and she is now an outgoing young woman. Hannah is happy at her new school where she has friends and supportive teachers.

Hannah is now an anti bullying ambassador for the Diana Awards. She speaks to others her age to encourage them to speak up and not suffer; supporting them and encouraging them to seek help. Her courage and strength is an inspiration to others.