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Nominated for Enterprise award

Ian Sturrock from Gwynedd has been chosen as a Finalist for his unique business model of preserving and selling varieties of Welsh fruit trees.

Ian began preserving and reviving almost extinct varieties of Welsh fruit trees in 1998. Since then he has gone on to sell numerous varieties of trees to countries all around the globe.

He has made a significant contribution to conserving Welsh horticulture and making the public aware of the importance of growing your own rather than relying on supermarkets and mass growers. One particular characteristic which has undoubtedly boosted the business’ growth is its open approach to customers, for example, using the on-site nursery apple press machinery to press customers’ apples.

Similarly, the Ian Sturrock and Sons website shares the extensive horticultural knowledge held within the business through a series of technical guidance documents and information videos spanning a vast array of topics, including fruit tree selection and root stock selection.

Ian’s passion for the preservation of indigenous Welsh fruit trees has led to a truly unique business model.