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Bravery award 2020 winners

Joel Snarr and Daniel Nicholson were responsible for an extremely heroic feat in exceptional circumstances in May 2019.

Both were driving on the A40 near Abergavenny on 12th May. Out of nowhere, a small aircraft that had taken off from the airfield parallel to the road, hit the overhead power lines and crashed onto the road in front of them.

Both men – unknown to each other at the time, and driving in different cars – leapt out and ran towards the already burning plane. Inside were 3 people, the pilot and his teenage niece and nephew. They were all trapped, and couldn’t open the doors to the plane.

Without thought for their own safety, Joel and Daniel worked quickly to get the occupants out. Daniel spotted a crack in the back window, and managed to break it sufficiently to rescue the 2 teenagers. After this, Joel was able to drag the pilot to safety through the same window.

Within minutes the plane was engulfed in flames, yet all 3 rescued were unharmed. Joel and Daniel received praise for their bravery from the emergency services when they arrived at the scene, and they have since received a Pride of Britain Award for Outstanding Bravery, and an Amplifon Award for Brave Britons in the ‘Service to their country’ category.

As a former army bomb disposal expert, Joel has suffered PTSD, yet still risked his life to play his part in the rescue. Daniel acted on instinct in running towards the burning plane, thinking of others before himself.