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Nominated for Bravery award

Julian Rudge is a paramedic with the Welsh Ambulance Service who has shown great bravery in defusing a very dangerous situation.

Responding to a 999 call, Julian and a colleague arrived at a property to discover a woman who had been murdered after being attacked by her son. The assailant was standing next to the victim’s body still holding a running chainsaw. Julian showed great presence of mind and bravely took control of the potentially very dangerous situation. He made sure his colleague was safely out of harm's way and then used his excellent communications skills to calm and reassure the attacker until the police arrived and made a peaceful arrest. It was a situation that could have escalated if he had acted differently. 

Julian’s bravery and decisive decision-making in the face of extreme personal danger ensured the assailant was calmed and that members of the public and colleagues from the ambulance service and police were protected from harm.

His brave and selfless actions have already seen Julian win a recent Welsh Ambulance Service Staff Award and a South Wales Argus Health and Social Care Outstanding Achievement Award for his bravery.