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Nominated for Innovation, science and technology award

Kamal Ali from Pillgwenlly in Newport designed the world’s first interactive prayer mat to help children and adults learn how to perform Salah – the daily prayer practiced by muslims.

Former teacher Kamal set up the company after he noticed his son struggling with his prayer positions. Having a Masters degree in product design, Kamal created a touch sensitive interactive prayer mat teaching children the different positions in Salah. 

After 2 years of developing prototypes Kamal launched My Salah Mat in 2018 and has since developed an adult version of the mat too. The company has a strong social media presence where its TikTok videos and work with influencers generating millions of views to develop a global brand.

In the 4 years since it started, the company sells its products to over 40 countries across the world, and selling to over 180 companies and retailers worldwide - including Virgin Megastores in the UAE and Dabdoob, one of the largest children’s toy stores in Kuwait. The company also has a subsidiary in Germany. The company is now working with Omar and Hana - one of Malaysia’s largest animation studios - to partner on product design of children’s products.