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Nominated for Culture award

Mared Elliw Huws works as Arts Development Co-ordinator at Pontio, Bangor. This has enabled her to support a substantial number of community groups in the area. She works across all age-groups, supporting health and well-being, and with diverse communities such as disabled and LGTBQ+ groups. Hundreds of Young People have benefited from arts projects under the banner of BLAS at Pontio. She started Caffi Babis, a project for parents and babies to experience the arts and develop Welsh language skills by encouraging emotional and cognitive development through the special relationship between parent and baby.

Mared has nurtured a team of freelance artists who regularly work on BLAS and specific community and cultural projects. She listens to and understands the local communities including the artistic community. Pontio, through Mared's extensive instruction and knowledge, is one of the leading employers of artists of the region. Mared has developed a Trainee Tutor programme, which is training local practitioners to work in the field to ensure the highest standard in community arts delivery and to support people to live and thrive in their local area. The programme has a strong partnership with Bangor University Welsh Language department and North Wales Africa Association.