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Nominated for critical worker award

Muslim Doctors Cymru was formed in January 2021, to combat misinformation on the CovidĀ¬19 vaccines, among ethnic minority communities in Wales and beyond.

The group was founded by a group of Cardiff doctors who had noticed a high level of concern among ethnic minority communities towards the vaccines. This was perpetuated by misinformation in several languages and a void of accurate information on the vaccines in these languages made it difficult to combat misinformation. Alongside their full-time jobs, they recruited volunteer health care professionals, faith leaders, charities and local businesses to develop a community-based campaign to address these issues and provide education and health promotion aimed at ethnic minority communities. The cultural diversity of the group members has allowed them to provide accurate information in a variety of languages - such as Urdu, Punjabi, Arabic, Bangla, Somali and Kurdish. They shared myth busting videos and public health messages on various used social media platforms; produced webinars in multiple languages on a range of health issues and set up the first pop-up vaccine centres in mosques and other trusted settings.

The success of the campaign has been due to the different communities receiving information in their own language by a trusted community voice. Their work in reaching ethic minority communities has been commended by politicians and the Chief Medical Officer for Wales.