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Nominated for critical worker award

Muslim Doctors Cymru (MDC) is a voluntary group of health professionals who give up their time to promote health and wellbeing in their local communities in order to address health inequalities for the most vulnerable People.

They work alongside the Welsh Government, local health boards and third sector organisations to develop targeted initiatives.

They regularly hold ‘Health Hubs’ in community centres and mosques where they offer screening for atrial fibrillation, TB and hepatitis C, flu vaccinations, as well as help and advice on a range of topics such as childhood immunisation, smoking cessation and mental health.

MDC have also looked to widen their audience by using digital platforms to share online webinars, videos and infographics on public health related topics.

They have partnered with NHS Blood and Transplant to raise awareness of organ donation among minority ethnic communities in Wales. To do this, they have produced videos featuring health professionals, patients and faith leaders in over 10 languages. They have also collaborated with the Anthony Nolan Trust to set up stem cell webinars and mosque clinics which has led to nearly 100 people from ethnic minority backgrounds registering to become stem cell donors.