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Nominated for International award

Nizar Dahan, from Swansea, works for Human Relief Foundation and is nominated for his international humanitarian work in response to the refugee crisis and for establishing an initiative called SHARP (Swansea Humanitarian Aid Response Project), which generates local support for displaced and vulnerable people as well as raising funds for people in dire need.

In addition to having raised approximately £55,000 for the Human Relief Foundation, since September 2015 Nizar has personally raised over £100,000 to deliver aid to refugees and displaced people in Swansea, wider areas of the UK, Greece, France, Germany, Austria, Serbia, Jordan, Libya, Syria, Lebanon and Ghana.

Recently in Greece, he worked in Samos supporting refugees living in poor conditions and makeshift camps. This followed his work delivering food and supplies to refugees and homeless people in Athens, raising enough funds (approximately £6,000), to privately support a number of vulnerable families. He set up a social kitchen on the Island of Samos, where he and his small team of volunteers cooked meals to feed 1500 people on a daily basis, including homeless Greek people.

Nizar has also recently returned from an aid mission to Ghana, where he and his team raised for and built a total of 60 water wells in the most remote parts of the country, as well as opening a school/community centre in Tamali, northern Ghana.

Aside from his many trips to Greece, Nizar has also collected and delivered donations to the ‘jungle’ camp in Calais. He has worked with children in orphanages across Europe and Asia, providing day trips and activity days for them to experience much needed fun and normality. In total, over 100 tonnes of aid has been delivered worldwide due to his efforts.