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PC Alun MorganOn 6 June 2012, Dyfed Powys Police received a report of a 14 year old boy potentially drowning at Cilrychen Quarry, Ammanford. Officers were anxious to assist the boy who was in difficulties and his friends who were obviously distressed.

PC Morgan cut a hole in the fence using his own ‘Leatherman’ tool and gained access. Once through, he quickly identified a member of staff from an engineering firm and requested they cut the chains on the nearby gates to allow access for emergency vehicles. PC Morgan then began to sprint to the quarry's perimeter - a distance of 250 metres - in order to find witnesses.

After assessing information obtained from witnesses, he approached the water’s edge. PC Morgan tied a rescue line to himself and entered the water. PC Morgan dived to a depth of 15 feet which was life threatening to him due to the extreme cold.

He found the boy and used his strength and skill to bring him to the surface. PC Morgan then brought the boy to the edge of the water where his colleagues assisted. At this time, the boy was still showing signs of life but was obviously in a critical condition. He was taken to hospital where he tragically passed away