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Nominated for Bravery award

Off-duty Wrexham PC Cath Parry had no hesitation in tackling a dangerous man with a knife who entered a shop while she was out with her mother-in-law in Oswestry. Showing signs of paranoia and serious mental health issues, he brandished the knife and was shouting aggressively at other shoppers. Despite being aggressive, erratic and violent with store equipment and making threats towards PC Parry, she stayed calm and carried on talking to him.

Keeping him contained within the shop’s tobacco kiosk away from the other shoppers and staff, she kept him there until the local Police Officers arrived. On their arrival, one of the officers and PC Parry managed to hold the man to the ground until he was arrested.

This officer, despite being off-duty, acted with bravery, professionalism and without hesitation in a potentially dangerous situation with a volatile and armed man. Her actions kept staff and shoppers safe and prevented the incident from escalating further.