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Young Person award 2015 winner

Richard Davies from Bausley in Montgomeryshire has been shortlisted for his invention and design of an innovative reversing camera for agricultural use.

Richard has always shown a great interest in technology and wanted to understand why and how things work. He achieved an A* in GCSE Design and Technology, where he designed and made a working demonstration of a gear box. This work was nominated for the WJEC Innovation Awards. He also chose to study Design and Technology at A Level. As part of his AS course, he designed a camera to help his father reverse large vehicles on his farm. This project enabled him to see the potential gap in the market for similar products. The device is a completely wireless camera which works in conjunction with any Smart device. It’s designed to help people manoeuvre caravans and trailers whilst reversing. It allows the user to change the direction of the camera on all axes in order to see where they are reversing by running their fingers across the screen. Richard went on to develop this project for his A Level work, which resulted in him being crowned winner of 2014 Young Engineer for Britain prize. This work was also selected for the WJEC Innovation Awards, where he won first prize for A Level work and the overall award for the most innovative project in Wales.

He is now a student at Harper Adams University in Shropshire.