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Nominated for Community spirit award

Ruth Dodsworth has been a familiar face on our TV screens for nearly 25 years. But despite a very public persona of a confident TV personality, Ruth suffered years of abuse and coercive and controlling behaviour at the hands of her former husband. For nearly 20 years he controlled her every move, isolated her and subjected her to frequent physical violence.

During this time, Ruth continued her TV work to support her young family. When her father was diagnosed with blood cancer Ruth dedicated her spare time to raise awareness and funds for Cancer Research Wales, including taking part in gruelling treks across the Sahara Desert and Iceland, raising many thousands of pounds in the process. Ruth is also a champion of the Our Sam Bay Loss Charity, which helps bereaved families, a subject also close to her heart.

In 2019 Ruth made the brave decision to finally stand up against the abuse she was suffering. Fearing she would be killed if she went home, she phoned the police.

In 2021 her ex-husband was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment.

Ruth’s story made headlines across the world, and she is now working tirelessly to raise awareness of the issue of coercive control. Ruth is working closely with a number of domestic abuse charities to inspire and encourage other survivors to come forward. Ruth is also helping with the training of officers across the 4 welsh police forces to recognise signs of domestic abuse, so that lives can be saved.